Ireland Elopement

There is so much behind this shoot that I could go on and on about, however, I am going to focus in on one particular event.

We came to Ireland in the winter for an elopement and because we were shooting at the Dunluce castle, I wanted to do something that had not been done before. The castle is on a cliff looking over the ocean. Due to the season, they take all the boats and move them to the west and tie them up somewhere to protect them from the storms. Well, I could not let go of the vision of wanting to see a rowboat in the water with the castle in the background so we went to different ports and yacht clubs asking everyone if they could  give us a lead. Our responses we got were: “The water is too dangerous” “There are no rowboats” “You can’t do that.” I had a lot of people laughing at me as if the idea was absurd. Having spent hours looking around asking every person we came into contact with… I could not get the boat. Simply put the answer was “No” we were not going to get the boat. We were in North Ireland and it was now 10:30pm and had to drive back to Dublin to get our equipment and get some sleep before having to drive back to North Ireland the next day for the shoot. Well, our car broke down in the middle of the street at 11pm. We were literally in the middle of nowhere. The rental company could not come and give us a new car until the next day. We all knew we would not sleep this night and our spirits were feeling low after being defeated that day and being left with no boat and now a broken car. 11:30pm rolled around we were still sitting in the car and a local stepped out of their home to invite us in for tea and cookies. We were blown away by Ireland’s incredible hospitality. I could go on and on about how the Irish are the most friendly people I have ever came in contact with. 11:45pm and we are having tea and cookies when all of a sudden my phone rings. Keep in mind we had to be ready to go for our shoot at 9am the next day. So the phone rings and there is a gentleman with a quaint and friendly accent on the other line. He says: “Ay, I got ya boat. God bless you.”

When your reaching for goals, there will always be obstacles and “forces” against you. This story was an example of how you can surpass the negative by pushing towards your goal, staying resilient, and maybe having a little luck of the Irish 🙂

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